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Today, I want to share with you a solution for the issue of I can access my website from mobile, but I can’t access it from a laptop or a desktop.

Firstly, I have multiple websites that are connected to the same server as my hosting provider.

My hosting provider is Cloudways, and the package that I’m using is Vultur HF.

Previously, I was using SiteGround as my registrar for web hosting, but I made a mistake when I registered with them, as I didn’t choose the period of hosting to be for multiple years, only I chose the one year plan, and this is the biggest mistake you will make with any web hosting provider.

Because if you choose to pay year by year for web hosting, only you will get the most significant discount in the first year, but after that, the price will go back to its original price.

In my case, I was using the GrowBig plan with SiteGround, and as you can see in this photo, the special price of this plan is 9.99$/month, and it is discounted from 24.99$, which is a huge saving.

So, if you are planning to get SiteGround (GrowBig Package) web-hosting service for three years, and you will pay year after year, that means you will pay the following:

First Year : 12 * 9.99$/month = 119.88$

Second Year: 12 * 24.99/month = 299.88$

Third Year : 12 * 24.99/month = 299.88$

Total paid off the three years (as a yearly payment) = 119.88+299.88+299.88 = 719.64$

But, if you choose a one-time three-year payment plan, you will pay only 629.64$, which means you saved 90$. At this price, almost you got the first year for free.

That was one of the main reasons I left SiteGround and chose another registrar, plus don’t forget that SiteGround is shared hosting, so your server’s resources are shared with others. And this will affect the speed of your websites.

So, I searched for the best-dedicated web-hosting services at a reasonable price, and in the end, I went to Cloudways.

I’m thrilled to take this move, as my websites speed increased significantly, and my sites jumped from C to be A on GTmetrix.

Plus, Cloudways have packages with reasonable prices compared to the speed you will get for your websites.

After I gave you a brief that I was with a registrar, then I moved to another registrar. Now, I will talk about the issue I faced with one of my websites.

Let us name my website

I can access this website from my mobile, Desktop, and connected to another network, but I can’t access it from my laptop.

Both mobile and laptop are connected to the same Wifi network in my house, plus I found my mobile and laptop have the same IP address. It was strange for me why I can access it from anywhere else than my laptop.

I’m usually using Google Chrome as a web browser, then I tried to access the website from Opera and Microsoft Edge, but all the time, I get the same result that I can’t access my website as you can see in this photo.

access my website
Site Currently unavailable

I made flush for the caching of my web browsers, but I get the same result.

I made flush of my IP through a command prompt on windows, but I get the same result.

In the end, I contacted the Cloudways team, and they advised me to check the host file on my windows system, and this was the reason for the problem ( finally, I found it ).

To access this file and modify it, you need to open Notepad from your start menu on windows, choose Notepad and right-click on its icon and choose Run as administrator, as you can see in this photo.

Notepad as administrator

Then open this Notepad, and from the File menu, choose Open…

Choose the file on the following extension:

(C: Windows\System32\drivers\etc\) and open the hosts file

access my website
Notepad to solve the issue access my website

I found the issue was in the server’s IP address in this file, as it was written the IP address of the server of my previous registrar, which was SiteGround, so I removed it and replaced it with my current server’s IP address from Cloudways.

access my website
hosts file

Then I saved the file, and everything is working perfectly now and the problem to access my website is solved.

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