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Cloudways vs. SiteGround Which Hosting is the Best and Why -

Are you looking for the best options for your website hosting?

Are you running an e-commerce website and facing a slow speed of your pages?

Do you want to know whether Cloudways or SiteGround is the best option for your website?

Disclaimer: This article contains affiliate links where I may receive a small commission at no cost to you if you choose to purchase a plan from a link on this page. However, these are merely the tools I fully recommend when it comes to hosting a website.

In this tutorial, we will quickly compare two of the industry giants, Cloudways vs SiteGround. This is to determine which one is best suited for speed performance, uptime, customer services, CDN, and storage bandwidth features.

Cloudways vs SiteGround: A quick comparison

Cloudways is one of the most renowned fastest managed hosting providers worldwide; the main reason for its lightning-fast speed and uptime is its cloud-based superfast servers.

Also, Cloudways offers dedicated resources to each user to handle massive traffic flow while there is no such facility with Siteground shared hosting plans.

Also, it’s easy to choose your desired cloud server with Cloudways, and you can select any of the cloud servers out of 5 locations while there is no such choice available with Siteground hosting.

Cloudways has a custom build dashboard where all the hosting features are well managed like a pro, while with SiteGround, you’ll be dealing with a typical cPanel interface.

Another remarkable feature with Cloudways is that you can scale up your resource usage whenever your site’s traffic grows.

With Siteground, you’ll not be able to scale up instantly and need to switch your hosting plan with extra storage bandwidth features.

Perks of using Cloudways Hosting services

  • Cloudways comes with a monthly hosting plan offer and a free trial period with no credit card compulsion.
  • User-friendly custom-built control panel where you can manage all of your hosting resources easily.
  • Free SSL certificate with every web hosting plan
  • Cloudways data centers are widely spread worldwide, with more than 25 locations where you can deploy your server at any of your desired locations.
  • Scale up your website according to your site’s traffic growth with flexible Cloudways plans.
  • No higher renewal prices with Cloudways as you’ll be paying every month
  • Cloudways offer dedicated resources to each of its users, while it’s impossible with SiteGround’s shared hosting plans.
  • Cloudways has also launched Vultr high-Frequency servers for only $13/month. These servers are 40% faster than any standard hosting server and packed with a 3.8 GHz processor and NVMe storage.
  • All of the hosting features are included in each hosting plan, no matter which one you go with; however, this is not the case with Siteground hosting, and if you like to use all levels of caching solution, you’ll need to upgrade to the GrowBig plans.

Perks of using Siteground Hosting services

  • It provides a Free SSL certificate facility for all new users and even for existing website owners.
  • Free Daily backup with more than 30 copies is saved for up to 30 days, accessed whenever needed.
  • A handy stagging tool helps you set up your WordPress site before going live so you could make changes conveniently without any fear of breaking up your site.
  • With SiteGround migrating, your website is no more complex, and you can migrate one of your sites with a WordPress migrator plugin.
  • You’ll get an unlimited email account facility with webmail.
  • The average uptime of servers is 99%, so; your site won’t face any downtime.

Page Loading speed: Cloudways vs SiteGround

Siteground uses all of the latest possible software and hardware like PHP 7 opcode caching, and Nginx to speed up caching and site performance.

Also, they provide free CDN in association with Cloudflare. These all features help a lot in boosting page loading speed and overall site performance.

Cloudways is also not behind in ensuring the fastest loading speed and uses dedicated cloud server resources to fix most of the common problems faced with shared hosting.

It also uses SSD-based hosting, which reduces the burden on the server. Also, built-in caching and PHP 7-ready servers help significantly in site performance.

Who’s the winner?

Both Siteground and Cloudways provide top-notch page speed on their server end. 

Still, Cloudflare has more edge over Siteground because of its dedicated cloud resources. 

It works best for WooCommerce because these websites use plenty of plugins and therefore need more resources to support them.

The winner is Cloudways due to their dedicated managed servers that will increase the loading speed of your website pages.

Security: Cloudways vs SiteGround

All of the Cloudways hosting plans are packed with foolproof managed security features to keep your site safe from any malicious activities or virus threats. Some of these security measures are dedicated firewalls to screen out spam traffic, two-factor authentication, and regular security patches to minimalize vulnerabilities.

Siteground also takes all necessary measures to keep your site safe and secure by maintaining WordPress applications updated to the latest version and also using custom firewall patches to filter malicious activities. It keeps on checking all of its servers after every 0.5 seconds to counter any problem before spreading.

Who’s the winner?

Both are a winner and provide excellent security resources to the customers.

Site migration: Cloudways vs SiteGround

Siteground offers free migration of one site with GrowBig and GrowGeek plans, and if you like to move more than one site, you’ll be paying $30 for each website migration.

Using Cloudways, you can easily migrate your site for free with the WP migrator plugin. 

Also, you can take professional help to migrate your site from Cloudways.

Winner: both offer excellent migration options.

Customer support: Cloudways vs SiteGround

Cloudways is highly supportive of its customers, and you can contact them 24/7 using a chat option or online ticketing system. Also, there is a premium phone add-on facility if you like to talk to them on the phone.

Siteground also provides live chat, phone calls, and a ticket support system to cater to the customer’s needs.

Cloudways Vs. SiteGround as a matter of their support as per Facebook Polls

Winner: Cloudflare has fewer complaints about its services as per Facebook polls, so Cloudways is a clear winner.

Pricing: Cloudways vs SiteGround

Siteground pricing starts at $6.99/ month based on annual payment, while the renewal prices after one year are quite higher at $14/month for one website.

While Cloudways pricing starts at $13/ month (VULTR servers) & $10/ month (DigitalOcean Servers) plus, there are no renewal prices after the first invoice as you’ll be paying monthly to scale up your resources whenever needed.

New Tool added to Cloudways ( Free Google Page Experience Checker )

Recently, Cloudways released a new amazing service (Beta Version) that will help all freelancers, web designers, and website owners to check the performance of their websites and the compliance with new rules by Google for Core Web Vitals.

Here is a screenshot of Cloudway’s new tool. Only you need to paste your website link inside it, then press Run Test, and within almost 10 seconds, it will give the results of your website’s performance.

For Excellent Performance Score: the result will be between 90 to 100.

For Medium Performance Score: the result will be between 50 to 89

For Poor Performance Score: the result will be less than 50

Final verdict: which hosting is better and why?

Siteground is no doubt providing top-notch hosting services. It is more valuable for beginner websites or websites with under 80000 visitors/month, and there are higher renewal prices after the first year of invoice.

If you have less traffic, then Siteground will be your best choice; however, if you have more than 100,000 visitors/month, then Cloudways will be your best buddy because you can easily scale up your resources, and there will be no CPU usage limit with Cloudways.

Also, SiteGround’s cloud hosting is not as much faster as Cloudways, so my vote goes with Cloudways as your ultimate choice for hosting usage. However, it also depends upon your personal choice to check which goes in line with your budget and website’s traffic usage.

The winner from the Author’s point of view is Cloudways.

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