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SureCart and WooCommerce are two different eCommerce solutions that have their own unique set of features and benefits. In this answer, we will explore the pros of SureCart over WooCommerce, based on the context provided.

One of the main advantages of SureCart over WooCommerce is its ease of use. SureCart has a more modern and user-friendly design. Everything on the product page is product-related, without WordPress elements or other plugins interfering with the interface. 

Connecting a payment gateway is also easier with SureCart, as it is accomplished by simply logging in to the gateway. At the same time, with WooCommerce, an extension must be installed for each payment gateway. 

Moreover, having fewer plugins can help prevent the website from slowing down and becoming more prone to errors. However, it is worth noting that WooCommerce’s flexibility comes from its hundreds of extensions, which can be used to meet specific marketing and technical needs.

Another advantage of SureCart over WooCommerce is its speed. Moreover, SureCart is faster than WooCommerce because it uses Headless technology, which means that much of the workload, such as tax calculation, is not done on the website, but on a dedicated SureCart server. 

This makes SureCart infinitely faster than WooCommerce, which depends on extensions installed as plugins in WordPress. Additionally, the SureCart server stores information like products, customers, and transactions, thus avoiding a heavy database.

SureCart also offers a frictionless shopping experience, with the ability to include the checkout directly anywhere on your website, thanks to a shortcode function that gives a lot of flexibility.

This makes the user flow much simpler, and customers can add products to a cart that appears on the side above the main content without opening an additional page.

Furthermore, SureCart natively integrates tools designed to increase profits, such as bump orders, which allow for the sale of complementary products. 

These features are not available in the SureCart free plan but in WooCommerce through paid add-ons, adding more complexity to the system.

Another advantage of SureCart over WooCommerce is that it is installed in WordPress but runs through SureCart’s servers (headless eCommerce), making it the fastest solution with the least impact on the server resources.

This means that if a website has a blog, using WooCommerce might impact its performance or force the user to buy a more expensive hosting plan, while SureCart has them covered. Being headless, together with the fact that SureCart allows the addition of the product checkout on any page, makes SEO on this platform better.

Lastly, SureCart offers native affiliate program management on its Pro plan. This is a powerful technique to get more sales and is not available natively on WooCommerce or Shopify, where users need to rely on third-party extensions and applications.

In conclusion, SureCart offers several advantages over WooCommerce, including ease of use, speed, frictionless shopping experience, headless eCommerce, and native affiliate program management. 

However, it is important to keep in your mind that WooCommerce is still a popular solution with a wide variety of options available to create an online store, thanks to its hundreds of extensions, which can be used to meet specific marketing and technical needs.

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