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Uncanny Automator Plugin- Automate Everything

Have you ever wondered how you receive an instant “Thank you” email as soon as you place an order on the eCommerce website? A person doesn’t send those emails; instead, it is an entirely automated process that runs based on triggers and actions.

Your priority should be to get your hands on the most suitable plugin to fulfill all your automation needs to achieve this type of automation for your WordPress eCommerce store.

When it comes to automation, “Uncanny Automator WordPress Plugin” beats all the other automation plugins. Let’s learn more about what the Uncanny Automator Plugin has to offer its users.

Uncanny Automator WordPress Plugin; briefly explained

Manually doing tasks that can be done through automation quickly and conveniently is the worst waste of time. That’s why most people switch to automation.

Uncanny Automator plugin is our ultimate pit stop when it comes to automation. WordPress website owners often need two plugins to work together to perform an action automatically, and this is where the Uncanny Automator plugin comes into action.

It can also be called the rendezvous point of the plugins that the user wants to integrate. 

To understand its function thoroughly, we can take the example of emails we receive as soon as we cancel an order or purchase an item.

These emails are automated, and certain conditions are set by the website owner, which triggers these emails; in this case, the trigger was the order’s cancellation.

Uncanny Automator Plugin Benefits For Online Businesses And Websites

To understand what Uncanny Automator does, it is important to know what Trigger, Action, and Recipe are.

A trigger is the user’s input that enables the action to take place.

The move is the result of the user’s information. With the examples given below, these terms will become more evident.

Automate your Online apparel business using Uncanny Automator

The Uncanny Automator plugin can help your online business in various ways.

Here’s a use case for the sake of clarification: You shop from a WordPress eCommerce site; once you have completed the ordered and placed it, you will receive an automated confirmation email within a few seconds or minutes tops.

You receive this email instantly after the purchase because it has been automated, and placing the order was the trigger that led to the action, i.e., confirmation email. The same thing goes for when you cancel orders and when you receive “Thank you” emails.

In the case of automation, there is bound to be a trigger that can activate the action.

List of Triggers of the different Plugins by Uncanny Automator (depends on installed plugins on your website)

Now, I will give some examples for the linking between Uncanny Automator and some different plugins.

1) Automate your Online Courses Website Using Presto Player & UncannyAutomator

If you are an online courses creator or selling online courses for your clients, that means you will need to host and play videos on the website.

There are many options that will provide you hosting and playing videos on your WordPress website, personally, I tried different options, but in the end, I went to the most powerful, the cheapest option, and the only video player plugin that will provide all the features you need and more, which is Presto Player Plugin

A- Presto Player Triggers

2) Convert your Website to a complete CRM/Email Marketing Tool with the power of Uncanny+FluentCRM

FluentCRM is a powerful WordPress Email Marketing & CRM Plugin, which from my point of view is mandatory for any website owner or designer who is looking to turn his website into a complete Email Marketing machine.

Here is a sample of triggers and actions between Uncanny Automator & FluentCRM

A- FluentCRM Triggers

B- FluentCRM Actions

Another example when you are using a Learning Management System Plugin to build your online courses website, I highly recommend you LearnDash which I’m using personally on my websites.

So, when a logged-in user on your website watched a video played by Presto Player, so after the user completed watching the video, you need to add him to a specific list and add a tag for him, plus you need to enroll him automatically to a specific course, so you need to follow the steps of triggers and actions as shown in the next photo.

Note: After you added the triggers and actions, you need to make sure to toggle all the buttons to live and especially for the recipe to be converted from Draft to Live.

3) Automate your Elementor based eCommerce store with uncanny

Elementor is the basic need of every website owner. However, when you own an e-commerce store, some additional requirements need to be taken care of. Uncanny Automator plugin allows this plugin to integrate with FluentCRM, BuddyBoss, LearnDash, and WordPress Core. These are some examples of Recipes of Elementor with other plugins.

Once you submit the form from Elementor, FluentCRM’s integration will play its role by adding you to their list, BuddyPress adds the user to a group, and LearnDash will tick the topic course as complete.

The functions these plugins perform after submission of the Elementor form are the Actions, while the Elementor form’s submission is the trigger.

On the other hand, when you upload a comment, Elementor’s integration with WordPress core will function by showing a pop-up on your screen.

For instance, you write a comment on a website that uses Elementor as its page-builder; once you post the comment, WordPress Core will display a pop-up on the website owner’s screen or anyone who receives notifications regarding your activity on the WordPress website.

4) Best buddy to automate your online Course/Membership website – UncannyAutomator

There are countless people selling courses on Woo Commerce websites. Almost all of these websites use Automation plugins to avoid wasting their time on tasks that take too long when done manually.

The Uncanny Automator Plugin opens doors to many other integrated plugins that provide the website owners with various benefits. For instance, when a user buys a course from your WooCommerce website, with the Uncanny Automator plugin’s help, the user will be automatically added to the LearnDash group. Furthermore, when their course subscription expires, the user will be removed from the LearnDash group.

Uncanny Automator Plugin also plays its role by displaying special offers to users when they are viewing a specific product. Above all, upon submitting a form with a particular value, a coupon code is automatically emailed to the user.

Likewise, there is a huge list of plugin integrations catering needs of almost all businesses and industries you can find and automate your business accordingly using the uncanny Automator plugin.


Uncanny Automator Plugin comes in three different packages. The users can opt for relevant plans according to their needs. Moreover, they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee in case users are not satisfied with the plugin.


•  Uncanny Automator Plugin has integrations with a wide range of plugins that help WordPress website owners automate tasks that take too long when done manually.

•  Uncanny Automator Plugin allows its user to create their recipes; the user can either be anonymous or logged in.

•  The user can also add more than one trigger and action in a recipe via the Uncanny Automator Plugin.

•  Uncanny Automator Plugin has a free version and a paid version that unlocks more features for the users. 


•   Setting up anonymous recipes is quite a long process in the Uncanny Automator plugin.

Uncanny Automator vs. AutomatorWP

When comparing Uncanny Automator and AutomatorWP, it becomes clear that Uncanny Automator beats AutomatorWP in various aspects, and the majority of the audience prefers using Uncanny Automator. Currently, about 6000 users are using the Uncanny Automator plugin, while 1000 users are using AutomatorWP.

Above all, when it comes to memory usage Uncanny Automator plugin uses a lot less memory when compared to Automator WP. The page speed test reveals that using the uncanny plugin, the page speed recorded was 0/ sec while with the AutomatorWP plugin, the page speed, scored 0.2/ second.

Final verdict

After taking all the benefits mentioned above into consideration, it is concluded that the Uncanny Automator plugin has a lot to offer its user that can revamp their WordPress websites and online businesses.

This plugin is your ultimate solution if you are looking forward to automating your WordPress website and saving your time by automating tasks that can be conveniently done with automation instead of doing them manually.

Above all, setting up this plugin is extremely easy, which means it won’t take you long to start benefitting from it.

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